Menstrual Matters


Menstrual Matters is a series of narrative props to explore menstruation, allowing participants to map their cycle and navigate different menstrual landscapes. Using a pop-up stage with cut-out props, it engages, informs and empowers participants to collectively reflect on issues associated with menstruation. Visual metaphors are an effective means of discussing complex systems and can be used by both menstruators and non-menstruators. Inclusivity is vital for instilling empathy and solidarity.

The current narrative we have around menstruation is one of discretion and embodied shame. Advertising rhetoric often perpetuates this, with words like ‘safe’, ‘secure’ and ‘hygienic’. Menstrual education itself is similarly superficial and often an ‘add on’ in biology class. In truth, every cycle is different and requires a flexible narrative. Menstrual Matters encourages people to reject menstrual misconceptions and reframe the narrative. Explore, educate, empower, through tangible thinking.

Rally for the Period Products (Free Provision) Bill outside Scottish parliament, Feb 2020. Passed 112 to 0 with 1 abstention at stage 1. This would make period products available for free
As a way of engagement, I collected ‘period stories’ throughout my project, asking people to write about their first experience of menstruation. It was clear from reading these that many people initially felt awkward or ashamed