Ghosts of Glasgow Green


Recreating the atmosphere of the Glasgow Drying Green 

With Jordan McDaid

The Glasgow Drying Green was once a space for the public to hang our their washing. It created a warm and vibrant community in which parents would chat and children would play between the iron poles.
Ghosts of Glasgow Green turns this space into a responsive environment - recreating the atmosphere that was once present. Washing lines are again suspended between the still standing poles. As you pass one it plays a recording. These recordings are made up of Glaswegian nursery rhymes, extracts from the play ‘The Steamie’ and tales of what the Drying Green means to the local people - sourced from the People’s Palace. Passersby are free to explore and discover. At night, the EL wire is lit up to illuminate the washing. 

< I walk my dogs here everyday and I hardly used to notice these poles >

< I love it, you’re showing what it was actually used for >